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A home-based private school that provides an education for Preschool age 3 through 3rd grade outside the normal classroom. Evergreen is excited to provide unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote social and emotional intelligence of your scholar.

Teachers around the world spend thousands of dollars and many hours painstakingly trying to make their classrooms look like a home. At Evergreen we are ahead of the game since we are an in-home preschool! Homes are relaxing and never overstimulating like so many modern classrooms can be. Here, the classroom is a calm, natural, inviting place where focus and independence are encouraged. To allow children to gain a passion for learning that will last for a lifetime.

When you're here, you're family! You'll love our warm, bright in-home preschool, and your child will love our 1-on-1 attention with our small class sizes.


11215 County RD 1015

Crowley, TX 76036


Preschool age 3


Kindergarten-3rd Grade.


Miss Kaitlyn

Choose a program that's right for you!

Preschool-PreK AM Session

Preschool ages begin at 3 years old. The preschool and Pre-K class join together for the 8:00-11:00am session.

They include two day or three-day options.

Kinder-3rd grade PM Session

The kindergarten through 3rd grade classes join together for afternoon class session from 12:00-3:00pm.

They include three day or five-day options.

Things to know!

  • Preschool age children must have turned three by September 1st 2022, OR be FULLY potty trained before joining the program.

  • Evergreen is NOT a daycare, and does not provide before or after school care, meals, or changing services. Evergreen is a private school which only provides educational services.

  • Children that are three to four years old will be part of the preschool class. Children who turn four or five after the September first cut-off date for the state of Texas will be part of the Pre-K class. However, regardless of the age group your child is paired with, their lessons will be based of their ability and not their age.

Take a look at our 2023 Summer Program!

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